Mother and Son Together

A shared journal for teen boys & their moms
A thoughtful, creative, and simple way to stay connected with your teen son!

This engaging prompt journal is the perfect tool to strengthen mother-son relationships. Teens can record memories, swap stories, compare perspectives, and explore their interests with their mom! Letters and interactive lists invite everyone to reflect, write, and doodle about topics timely to their lives and to help teens build self-confidence.

With Mother and Son Together, you and your son will:

  • Answer thought-provoking questions: What do you see when you look at me? How does it make you feel when people see you differently than you do?
  • Record memories: Our all-time greatest inside jokes and stories
  • Compare perspectives: Do you think it's easier or more difficult to be a teenager now versus when you were my age? What do you think makes a good candidate when voting?

Master storycatcher Katie Clemons helps sons discover the beauty of their stories and, best of all, strengthens their bonds with their moms!

Ages 13-18

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