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Everyone has a story that matters.

Hundreds of thousands of families use my products to celebrate their stories, nurture deeper relationships, and discover greater joy and gratitude. Storycatching is my passion, and I always love collaborating with companies.

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My superpower is asking meaningful questions. I create easy-to-use, impactful products with a two-fold intellect: First I possess the creative intelligence to develop novel and useful product ideas. Then I nurture an analytical ability to evaluate which ones the market needs. I'm an enneagram one with an incredible attention to detail and prolific pace. My products connect folks with the people and stories that matter most in their lives.

It's an honor to do this work. I warmly welcome new partnerships.

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Current Projects and Collaborations

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Keepsake Journals with Sourcebooks

Sourcebooks' Katie Clemons Journals is a rapidly growing collection of illustrated keepsake journals for the whole family. Each guided journal has a FIVE STAR RATING and is filled with thoughtful, easy prompts that help the writer celebrate life stories and nurture deeper bonds with family.

Our collection of 14 journals are available at retailers—big and small!—including Michaels.com, Barnes & Noble, Bookshop.org, Target.com, Walmart.com, and Amazon worldwide.

View the collection.

Personalized Journals with Put Me In the Story

My parent-child journals were picked up by Put Me In The Story in November 2019. Every page is personalized with the child and parent's nicknames for each other.

View the collection.

Self-published Journals Montana
Self Published Journals

Between 2015-2017, I self published five journals—three of which became #1 Bestsellers! This period was when I really refined my signature style and discovered my unique creative talents. I led a graphic designer, illustrator, editor, and copyright attorney to bring my visions to life.

Wall Street Journal called my self published books "The key to getting your teen to talk."

My self published journals are no longer available, with the exception of my experimental Montana Travel Journal.