The Self-Love Journal for Teens, 30-Day Journal

Banish Your Inner Critic, Overcome Insecurity, and Celebrate You
Embark on a thought-provoking journey toward confidence and fulfillment with this guided self-love journal for teens!

Gift yourself about ten minutes per day for one month to use this guided workbook for teens, and discover everything there is to love about yourself. You’ll reconstruct your self-view from the inside out, as you explore what you truly desire in your life. You’ll build self-esteem, release self-doubt, and discover greater joy and gratitude with this self-compassion journal. You’ll even strengthen your relationships.

What sets this month-long self-love workbook apart from other self-care journals for teens:

Learn to love yourself. The inspiring writing prompts and exercises use compassion to help you fall in love with yourself. You’ll define what self-love means to you and immerse yourself in beautiful, powerful writing exercises.

Build a daily journal practice. With just ten minutes per day, you’ll explore all that you are over a period of one month. It’s a doable, powerful period of measurable growth.

Bring your life greater meaning. Daily writing exercises, affirmations, and adult coloring pages boost your positivity and help you unearth your purpose in life. Thought-provoking questions invite you to be more conscious of your self-worth, self-awareness, and self-care.

Inspire the growing teen in your life to nurture a daily self-respect habit with this empowering book for teens by award-winning journal crafter, Katie Clemons.

Ages 12 and up

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